electric fire

Fire can be disastrous and has consumed both lives and properties on a regular bases. They are generated in different forms and can be earlier prevented.

The first part of safety is to ensure a fire extinguisher is installed in homes and offices. This gives a backbone or support to fight any unexpected occurrence.

About 20% of fires generated in homes are as a result of candles placed inappropriately. Candles are to be placed on metal base if they are to be used else, embracing energy saving or led rechargeable lights or devices provide a safer environment.

Another aspect of fire results from exposed copper core on both end of a current carrying cable. In this case, exposed cables need to be properly taped with electrical tape to avoid both copper core from coming in contact with each other and to prevent shock. You may need to hire someone experienced like us in electrical wiring to do that.

Cable are sized based on the amount of current and volt to be supplied and this is based on the cross sectional area as well as the length at which the current is traveling. Cables has to be properly sized to prevent an occurrence of fire.

Some other helpful ways to prevent a fire:

Ensure that buildings have a proper grounding system. This will help prevent an electric shock and a fire as well.

Gas burners and pipes should be inspected for leaks more often they are used. It is always important to call a professional anytime a gas smell is suspected.

Flammable liquids and explosives should not be stored or kept within a building. Highly flammable liquid like petrol should use approved containers and away from the house. Fire alarms and smoke detector implementation has been helpful in detecting an early start of fire which can be handled before it gets uncontrollable

Heating devices should be properly used and supervised and ensure they should not be operated or left on for hours. This includes pressing iron, microwave etc.

Quality extension cord should be used with appliances and should avoid being overloaded. If they will be used continuously for hours, they must be sufficient in rating.

Matches and cigarettes should be used in designated places and ensure no flammable gas or liquids are within the place of use.

Undersized distribution boards and electric panels generate more heat than necessary. The result is a fire after a long period of use.

It is important to stay in the kitchen when using kitchen appliances. Turning off burners when trying to attend to a minute urgent task elsewhere can prevent the most common situations of house fires.

Handling fire related issues can be tedious but prevention can be easy.

Regards: Ceparse Global Tech