Have you been wondering what makes a perfect inverter?

Can you explain why your present inverter experience isn’t wonderful?

Are you missing it anytime you think of giving it a try?

The fact is the inverter or solar equipment and setup is a journey.


Inverters are electronic machines that stores energy in backups and convert the stored energy into alternating current which powers electrical appliances when there is power outage.

Why the Need for Inverters?

 Inverters are useful for both home and commercial applications and play a major role in powering precious appliances without a need to depend much on electric power from the grid.

HOMES:   Allows you power your precious appliances such as fans, TVs, fridge, bulbs, laptops, home theater, rechargeables etc ensuring comfort.

OFFICES:   Enables commercial activities to be carried out without a need to depend much on electric power supply from the grid.

GOVERNMENT AND SECURITY:   CCTV  security camera’s and monitoring equipments are able to run even when there is power outage from the grid.  Also, security lights are able to illuminate the environment conveniently.

BANKS:   ATM machines and network servers need not to experience power outage and need to rely on inverters for maximum efficiency.

HOSPITALS:   To protect and provide power backup to the most sensitive appliance and equipments.

and so many others which includes: schools, event centers, conference halls, churches, for presentation purposes etc.

Imagine how it feels when you have power when you need it. Its automatic changeover switches automatically to inverter mode, supplying power from its backup without you noticing when you are off power from the electric supply authority.

                                        Do you need a competent Engineer for your project?

Here is the reality of inverters

Inverters are sensitive devices that requires better properties, quality, handling, inbuilt technology, efficiency and application. other factors are dependent on the process of implementation.

It is important to note that there are varieties of inverters in the market with difference in properties/specification, price, type, quality, inbuilt technology and so on.

However, what make a perfect inverter is not just on the inverter itself but the sum total of the processes involved.


  • Should be operated for maximum  efficiency and stability
  • Should be Noise free
  • Should be Pollution free
  • Maintenance free
  • Should Produce Clean energy
  • Should be Durable and reliable,


2.  Other factors such as quality of materials, strength of materials, cross-sectional area of metallic contact, temperature and so on are were very important factors when it comes to electrical projects.

What We Do

*      We are aimed at determining what kind of inverter you need depending on your load, budget and appliances and determine backup time.

*      We ensure that you are equiped with ways to manage your energy consumption such that you get power when you need it most.

You might want to include solar panels to generate your own power supply from the energy the sun produces .


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